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Labour law. Labour law regulates the legal issues related to employment relationships. The basis of an employment relationship is an employment contract, which has to be concluded within the framework of labour law provisions laws, regulations, collective agreements and company agreements. Austrian labour law is characterized by high standards of protection of the employees’ rights and the importance of collective bargaining company agreements are less important. Therefore, the possibility to govern the labour conditions by individual contracting is restricted. Important areas of labour law provisions particularly regulations on payment, flexible working hours, termination of the employment relationship etc. are regulated in Austria via collective agreements which are negotiated between representatives of the employers and employees who have the legal capacity to negotiate collective agreements. Under Austrian law there is a statutory protection of employees when a business sale or business transfer occurs. The Employment Contract Law Adaptation Act regulates the rights and obligations in connection with a business transfer. Sep 16, 2015 · Employment law in Austria: Vienna employers currently pay €2 per week per employee towards its transport system. Austria offers its citizens some of the most generous holiday entitlements in the world, with some staff entitled to as many as 43 days per year, including public holidays.

The Austrian government drafted an act at the end of January 2019 Brexitbegleitgesetz to ensure that citizens of the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland, who currently live and work in. Sep 21, 2015 · After six 6 months of employment and for the first twenty-five 25 years of employment, every employee is legally entitled to five 5 weeks or thirty 30 working days of paid vacation. Saturday is counted as a working day. After twenty-five years of employment, employees are legally entitled to thirty-six 36 days of paid vacation time.

Australian Labour Law.Over the last two decades, labour law in Australia has undergone drastic changes, in a government attempt to restore balance to the laws governing the health, safety, and welfare of workers. The Fair Work Act of 2009 replaced the Workplace Relations Act of 1996. Along with these changes in regulation. Austria’s Company Pension Act governs the protection under labour law of benefits and entitlements accrued under retirement, invalidity and survivors’ pension commitments defined benefit schemes made voluntarily by employers under private law employment relationships to supplement statutory pension insurance schemes.

Employees are fully protected by Austrian labour laws. They shall be divided into four categories as follows: Employees [Angestellte] Workers [Arbeiter] Marginally employed people [Geringfügig Beschäftigte] Apprentices [Lehrlinge]. Employees have a minimum entitlement to paid annual leave of five weeks in each year of work. When calculating leave according to working days incl. Saturday one is entitled to 30 days leave in each year of work. After 25 years of service this entitlement increases to six weeks. Therefore, the Austrian laws that regulate the employment relationship apply to foreign nationals working in Austria. The most important legislation regulating the employment relationships in Austria includes the: Labour Constitution Act Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz ArbVG. The Australia Chapter to Employment & Labour Law 7th edition deals with issues relating to: General labour market and litigation trends, Business protection and restrictive covenants, Discrimination protection,Protection against dismissal,Employee privacy.

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Labour Inspection Structure and organization. The Austrian Labour Inspectorate comes as a section under the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection as laws enforced by the labour inspectorate fall within the federal competency Austria is a federal State.

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