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FALCON EXITS 19R-EO-3'-SP28 Falcon Monarch Rim Exit Panic Device 19 Short Aluminum:: Industrial & Scientific. Dor-O-Matic Falcon 1090/2090 Series – The 1090/2090 series is a crossbar style rim panic device. These Falcon panic devices along with the 990/1990 concealed vertical have been the mainstay of the Dor-O-Matic Falcon product line since the late 1960’s. The 1090’s are no longer produced, but the 2090 series exit device is an exact replacement. This Falcon 1790EO-US28 is an exit only, narrow stile rim exit device with no lock or cylinder on the outside of the door. It is supplied with hex key dogging standard and it is available with sprayed aluminum or sprayed dark bronze finish.

The Falcon 19-R Series rim device that delivers superior panic hardware with modern touchbar styling. This non-handed device covers a 161 cutout and may be used on 1 3⁄4" narrow stile aluminum doors. for rim cylinder latch bolt and strike 1/8" deep mortise for 1/2" assemblyplate 1" 1/2" 1" 6" 3-13/16 " 4-5/64 6-25/32 " Cylinder mounting screws Assembly plate Inside exit device side of lock stile Inside exit device side of hinge stile Surfacemounting: No holes needed Thru bolting: 13/32" dia. thru 2 places each stile LHRshown. Falcon 1590 Series Rim Exit Device with Nightlatch, Hold Back or Dummy Trim Functions, Medium Duty, Grade 1, Steel Mechanism, Options of Sizes and Finishes. Falcon 1690 Vertical Rod Exit Device with Night Latch, Hold Back and Dummy Trim Functions, Medium Duty, Grade 1, Durable Mechanism, Options of Sizes and Finishes.

Falcon 24-R narrow stile, heavy duty rim exit device with Night Latch, Dummy and Blank Escutcheon Functions. Grade 1, made with extruded aluminum construction to deliver greater strength and impact resistance for high traffic areas. Exit devices are installed on doors to make sure people can open the doors if they must exit through them in an emergency. These devices help buildings comply with certain fire code or safety code requirements and used in schools, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, offices, and multifamily residential buildings. The Falcon 20 Series exit device is an offered in Rim and Surface Vertical Rod panic and fire-rated that will accommodate 161 door prep, this series can meet the needs of your application. Resolution: The "904H" is a UL Panic label that is placed on the centercase of the Falcon/Monarch Panic device. Is the Falcon RDS-2 power supply still available for the ELR devices? Resolution: As of Feb. 23rd 2011 Falcon RDS-2 power supply has been discontinued and no longer available. The Falcon Dor-O-Matic 2092 NL-OP is a Rim Exit Device for use with cylinder only, less cylinder. The 2090 provides balanced appearance, dependable performance and economical pricing, making it a popular choice where rim exit devices are required. Falcon Dor-O-Matic exit devices are your best choice for narrow stile aluminum doors.

Rim Exit Device The 904H seen on the head case or the end cap of a variety or Monarch and Falcon exits devices is not a part number but it's simply a UL listing certification meaning the 904H is the number that the underwriters laboratory has on file as certifying.

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